A bit about me...

Lynda is a life-taught artist living and working in Milton Keynes. She began her journey into the art world in 2013 following a breakdown, whereby she discovered that playing around with acrylic paint on canvas interested her enough to get up everyday: and so her journey into the art world began.
Since that time she has sold her work around the country, Europe and the USA, she also exhibits at galleries, art festivals and exhibitions believing that her new body of resin work has to be seen to be really appreciated. 
In 2018 Lynda hosted her Debut Solo Exhibition at The Stables Exhibition Room at The Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire.  Lynda says:
“My art is very much based on my own interpretation of an event, location or image or even my feelings or mood. I love to use rich, vivid colours and create textures that make my work tactile and inviting – hence my move into working with resin and my own idea of adding broken glass to my ‘signature’ pieces to give the suggestion of movement and give a 3d effect to a piece. The glass I use is recycled, using all manner of ‘coloured’ glass bottles, dishes, vases purchased from charity shops or donated. 
In early 2019 I completed an unusual and challenging commission for a client that loved single malt whiskey and wanted a ‘Whiskey Trail’ glass and resin piece using his own collection of bottles and depicting my interpretation of the Isles of Scotland famed for their whiskey distilleries.  I love the sea, I could spend hours just looking at it, I am truly excited to have found a way of creating the beautiful and wondrous moods of the sea in a way that suits my style of working.  It makes me incredibly happy to know others find my work enjoyable and even thought-provoking; hopefully, whether displayed in the workplace or home, it gives a chance for people to break away from routine and delve into their imaginations, or simply take a little more joy from their surroundings.”